How It All Began

How It All Began

I had no idea hosting a guest from Cape Town in my early Airbnb days (before I morphed into Shell’s Loft, the community event space) that it would be the start of a life-changing journey. Some of you may already know the Shell’s Loft origin story. That I started as a communal living host on Airbnb. However, most of you don’t know how hosting changed the course of my life in so many ways.

3 Steps To an Easy (and Cheap!) Dining Room Makeover

dining room makeover tips

I makeover rooms in our lofts all the time. Mostly because I'm a design junkie and can't help myself. But also because I love creating areas in our expansive lofts that feel like sanctuaries you never want to leave. Over the years, I've learned so many ways to do this on a budget and these are just a few small tips (more coming soon) to get you started. My design aesthetic is influenced by my travels, but more importantly by the many creatives from around the world who have spent time at our lofts and shared their design philosophies. They're all a part of this space.

Step 1 - Find a nice, solid, inexpensive second hand table and chairs (ours is from Big Reuse).

Step 2 - Stalk your favorite design store for a super sale. We found this massive rug on CB2 and purchased it for an incredible price during their 4th of July sale. Season changes are a great time to find markdowns.

Step 3 - Take mini clippings from your favorite house plants and place them in simple, clear glass vases. These are also affordable and from CB2.

Bonus - you’re now growing 10 more new houseplants! Once the roots fill the glass vases, they’re ready to be planted in their new soil homes. Stay tuned for a tutorial.  

Welcome to our blog

shell's loft

This is this story of Shell's Loft—how we started, where we've been, and where we're headed. We're going to share our mishaps, our successes, and all the funny shit that happens in between.

Along the way, you might pick up some design tips, some great recipes, ideas for throwing awesome AF dinner parties, and...maybe even some inappropriate feelings for us?

Buckle up!