Shell’s Lofts is a series of boutique loft spaces located in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

We have over 15,000 square feet of space for film productions, photo shoots, and off-sites.
Use our venue as a character in your movie scene or as a unique space to host a retreat for your corporate team.

Meet our lofts

Our Zen Loft features the most incredible South-facing daylight. With massive ceilings and a huge wall of industrial tree-lined windows, we like to think of it as a 1600 square foot tree house.

Our West Side Loft is a bright and airy 2800 square foot space plant paradise. It’s perfect for shoots looking for a large, bright space.

Our East Side Loft was the first space to come to life at Shell's Loft. This massive 4500 square foot space will always be our baby! It’s super quiet and ideal for sound recording.

This loft features the most beautiful tree-lined windows and is perfect for both shoots and holding.


Rent our spaces as a blank canvas with a few of our favorite touches, or easily add additional styling elements from our prop rooms.


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Brooklyn Industrial Loft Spaces
Brooklyn Industrial Loft Spaces