Workshops are one of the core reasons behind the design and services of Shell’s Loft, we absolutely LOVE hosting them! Sharing your expertise with others enriches you, your business and the greater creative community. It's also one of the best ways we know to bring people together and are ideal collaboration opportunities.


The fine print - Rental space limitations include the following:

  • No cash bars.  
  • No DJ events.
  • Cooking in our full kitchen must be approved by the Loft Manager prior to usage.
  • We do NOT allow: confetti, bird seed, rice, or glitter. No wish lanterns, gel beads, or exposed floral petals on the ground or furniture. No spray decor. 
  • Shell’s Loft does not allow smoke machines, sparklers, or open flames.
  • All events must end by 11:00pm and vendor teardown must be complete by midnight.