Wish to host an awesome dinner party but don’t have enough room in your apartment for 25 of your closest friends? 
Don’t want to be rushed out of a restaurant in an hour, feeling like you got a big bill for an "eh" experience?
Want time and space to have cocktails, dinner, chill time in the lounge and then dessert?
Throwing your BFF a baby shower?

We got you. This is our specialty. Let us help you pull off a dinner party to remember.
Need an extraordinary lady chef to whip up a scrumptious meal? We've got that too!


The fine print - Rental space limitations include the following:

  • No cash bars.  

  • No DJ events.

  • Cooking in our full kitchen must be approved by the Loft Manager prior to usage.

  • We do NOT allow: confetti, bird seed, rice, or glitter. No wish lanterns, gel beads, or exposed floral petals on the ground or furniture. No spray decor. 

  • Shell’s Loft does not allow smoke machines, sparklers, or open flames.

  • All events must end by 11:00pm and vendor teardown must be complete by midnight.