You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! 


Q: Is there a minimum number of hours required to book?
A: Yes, all events, off-sites, and film shoots have a 5 hour booking minimum.

Q: Can I pop in today to see your spaces?
A: Nope! But you can schedule a tour :) Tours are by appointment only and based on availability as we do not interrupt other bookings for tours. Please email us at to inquire about setting up a time for a tour.

Q: Can I come early to set up for my event?
A: Please account for setup and breakdown time when you book the hours you’ll need the space. We’re able to keep our rates down by only having our staff on-call during the hours our clients have booked. Our staff is happy to assist you, but only during the hours you’ve booked and if requested ahead of time.

Q: Do I have to set up my own event, or will your staff do it for me?
A: Both options are available, but if you’d like to request our staff’s assistance, please schedule this in advance.

Q: Do you have additional decor or decorations available?
A: The beauty of our event spaces is that they come furnished and styled so there’s not much you have to do! For our film and photo shoot spaces we have prop rooms available. Please inquire when you book the space.

Q: Do I have to use your recommended caterer, or can I hire my own?
A: You’re welcome to hire your own caterer as long as they have the proper insurance. But our recommended caterer is better ;) Please also note that our kitchens are set up for photo shoots, and are therefore not fully stocked for cooking. You’re welcome to use the ovens to reheat items.

Q: My friend’s a really great cook! Can I have them cook in your space for my event?
A: We approve this on a case by case basis. They must be insured to do so and bring their own equipment.

Q: Do I need insurance?
A: Yes, we require a COI (certificate of insurance) for all bookings. You can secure the proper COI here. We also accept corporate insurance.

Q: Do you require a damages deposit?
A: Yes, all bookings require a refundable damages deposit.

Q: How far in advance do I need to book the space?
A: Because of high demand, we suggest booking 30 days prior to your desired date(s). If our spaces are not available for your desired date(s), please feel free to check back closer to the date in case of any cancellations.

Q: Do you have projectors, easels, and flip charts I can use?
A: Yes! But in limited quantities. Please request what you may need when you book.

Q: Can I have rental furniture delivered for my event?
A: Sure! But please coordinate drop off and pick up times with our loft manager.

Q: Is street parking available?
A: It is! However, if you have a larger party there are nearby parking lots we can refer you to.